Pomorie is located 18 km north of Burgas. In the ancient times there was a colony of the “Messambria” Metropoly. The old name of the city is Anhialo. Because of the low firth and the natural deposits of a sea salt, the main means of living in the past were the fishing and the salt extraction. Today this old tradition is exhibited at the local museum of the salt.
The popularity of Pomorie at present times is due to the possibility for balneotherapy and mainly to the use of the Pomorian mud for curative purposes. Of course this stimulates the development of tourism.
Pomorie has good traditions in wine-producing – here is located one of the most famous winery in the country. Wine tasting at Via Pontica winery is one of the most popular attractions among the foreign tourists visiting this region.

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Via Pontica

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Marina Holiday Club

Marina Holiday Club is a new four star luxurious complex.It is located at the entrance of the town of Pomorie.